Exploring Meaning of Life

This book aims to understand the position of science and faith on questions of meaning in existence. Mutual understanding of original views of both camps is necessary for the mutual progress and co-existence of both empirical knowledge and values in a healthy, progressive and spiritual society.

Science should be dedicated to identifying natural cause and effect relationships. We hope to show that faith does not frustrate that purpose. Science should be universal and its established knowledge through evidence should benefit all mankind and should be developed by people from diverse backgrounds.

No religious text is a pure science book nor any religion claims as such. On the other hand, understanding and explaining the deeper meaning of life is beyond the domain of science. Science cannot be an arbiter in philosophical, moral, social and political matters.

It is hoped that this essay will clarify the epistemological boundaries. It makes a case for mutual co-existence of both empirical knowledge and values in the future of society.

Salman Ahmed Shaikh

Download Link: Exploring Meaning of Life

About Salman Ahmed Shaikh

PhD Economics, National University of Malaysia. Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance. Author, Researcher, Teacher and Consultant. He can be contacted at: salman@siswa.ukm.edu.my
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6 Responses to Exploring Meaning of Life

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  2. Majid Jamal says:

    Very Good effort.
    But just a correction, I think the Title should be “Exploring the Meaning of Life” and not “Exploring Meaning of Life”

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  3. javed says:

    It will be appreciated if the book is translated in Urdu as well.

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