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Book: Origin of Corona Virus and Origin of Everything

Corona Virus has affected millions of people and killed hundreds and thousands of people already in more than 200 countries and territories of the world. Almost all routines of life have been affected. Our tremendous journey in scientific, technological, industrial and economic advances has come to a pause for a while in the last few months.

As we ponder over origin of Corona Virus, it is high time to also reflect and think over origin of everything. This short book engages and invites readers to together seek answers from science, philosophy, and spirituality. It can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Origin of Coronavirus and Origin of Everything

Copyright © 2020 by Islamic Economics Project

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  1. Interesting compilation of views. The heavy hitters from Plato to recent scientists. Yet, there seems to be just conjecture on the relevance to actual origin and cause and effect. Just a thought.


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