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7 Responses to Join IEP

  1. Dr. Hebatallah Ghoneim says:

    I am interested in reading and researching Islamic Economics. I would like to join IEP since I am interested in its goals and objectives.


  2. Febri Rahadi says:

    Assalam u Alaikum
    Alhamdulillah, I found out this website during my thesis research (I am Finance Student). I wonder, it will be great if the updates can be reached through twitter too, since that social media is expanding very wide these days.


  3. Salaam Alaykum. I am very gateful to Allah (S.W.T) who has made me to meet Dr. Haruna Muhammed Aliero, of Usmanu Banfodiyo Universuty, Sokoto, Nigeria , who introduce me to this Website. Mahas-Salaam.


  4. Ibrahim pk says:

    I am doing a project on role of Zakah in poverty eradication.


  5. nadeem says:

    Would like to receive material /updates from IEP
    Best regards


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