Category: Socio-Political Issues

Socio-Political Issues

Building Nations: Case of Afghanistan

Mired by extended conflicts and foreign occupation, if a country like Afghanistan is left with weakly funded government with half of the population below the poverty line, it can cause severe economic and even humanitarian crisis. To deal with the current humanitarian and economic crisis post-US exit, following are key points of consideration.

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Islamic Perspective on Gender Issues and Development

Institution of family is highly respected in Islam. Women are indispensable part of this institution. As per Islamic worldview, mental and physical capabilities that we enjoy are the blessings of Allah and we hold them as a trust. Therefore, based on the differences in these mental and physical capabilities alone, no one is superior and powerful in the eyes of Allah.

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Material Progress and Islam

Allah asks people to use their intellect and exploit the nature’s blessings. Islamic principles neither stop one’s use of intellect in seeking material progress, nor the pursuit of success in life hereafter conflict in any way with success in this world provided that the ethical filters and Islamic injunctions are observed where they have been explicitly given.

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