Book Reviews

Islam, Poverty and Income Distribution

By Prof. Ziauddin Ahmed. Published by Islamic Foundation

Reflections on the Origins in the Post COVID-19 World

By Dr. Salman Ahmed Shaikh. Published by Islamic Economics Project


By Dr. Allama Muhammaf Iqbal

Toward Our Reformation: From Legalism to Value Oriented Islamic Law and Jurisprudence

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Omar Farooq


By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nejatullah Siddiqi

Capital in the Twenty First Century

By Prof. Thomas Piketty. Publisher: Harvard University Press

Islam and Sustainable Development

By Prof. Prof. Odeh Al-Jayyousi. Publisher: Gower Publishers

What Is Islamic Economics

By Prof. Umer Chapra. Publisher: Islamic Research and Training Institute

Readings in Microeconomics: An Islamic Perspective

Editors: S. Tahir, A. Ghazali & S. Omar S. Agil. Publisher: Longman Malaysia.

Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism

By Prof. Benedikt Koehler. Publisher: Lexington Books

Predictably Irrational

By Prof. Dan Ariely. Published by Harper Collins

Bottom Billion

By Prof. Paul Collier. Publisher: Oxford University Press

The Great Escape

By Prof. Angus Deaton. Publisher: Princeton University Press

When Life Begins Again

By Abu Yahya, Publisher: Inzaar Trust

God Speaks

By Abu Yahya, Publisher: Inzaar Trust