Islamic Economics Project (SMC-Private) Limited is incorporated in Pakistan under Section 16 of the Companies Ordinance 2017.

Activities and Services – Industry

  • Market Research Surveys
  • Recruitment Testing and Assessment Tools
  • Training and Skills Development Programs
  • Research Reports
  • Data Analysis

For inquiries and further details, email to

Activities and Services – Academia

  • Publishing Periodicals and Books
  • Preparing Subject-Wise Bibliographies on Islamic Economics
  • Educational Seminars, Webinars and Workshops
  • Curriculum Development and Program Design
  • Translation Services in Urdu, English and Arabic
  • Online Courses Development and Delivery
  • Research in Diverse Areas of Islamic Economics and Finance

For inquiries and further details, email to

Project’s Academic Goals

  • The project will support and promote research and researchers in Islamic economics by allowing opportunities to disseminate research on website, periodicals and book publications.
  • The project will strive to promote its research at various platforms including research conferences, seminars, webinars and public talks.
  • The project will attempt to foster healthy debates and aims to become a think tank in Islamic economics.

How You Can Participate

  • Reading the project’s research.
  • Writing in-depth articles for the project.
  • Join in activities, such as producing high-quality multimedia content, research surveys, arranging events, social media engagement, translation and mobile app development.

Project’s Reach

  • IEP website has been visited by people from more than 175 countries and it has received more than 200,000 views in a short span of time.

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