IEP Presentations

Basic and Introductory Presentations on Islamic Banking and Finance







Academic and Research Presentations on Islamic Finance

Introduction to Islamic Banking

Role of Sukuk in Development Finance

Role of Islamic Banking in Financial Inclusion

Towards a Sustainable Islamic Micro finance Model in Pakistan

Financial Inclusiveness in Islamic Banking

Review of Islamic Commercial and Social Finance in Pakistan

Fintech Rich Hybrid Islamic Microfinance

Role and Functions of Central Banks in Islamic Finance

Cross Section of Expected Stock Returns of Halal Stocks

Revitalization of Waqf for Socio-Economic Development and Mobility

Economic Analysis of Islamic Monetary Framework and Instruments

Academic and Research Presentations on Islamic Economics

Brief Introduction to Islamic Economics

Equitable Distribution of Income with Growth

Intertemporal Consumption Behaviour in OIC Countries

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Aid

Islamic Economics and SDGs

Role of Zakāt in Sustainable Development Goals

Contemporary Development Issues from Islamic Perspective

Islam and Human Development

Developing an Index of Socio-Economic Development

Values in Consumer Choice

Welfare Potential of Zakat: Case Study of Pakistan

Estimation of Zakat Economy-wide Potential Collectible in OIC Countries

Exploring Private Giving Behaviour

A Comparative Study of Views and Role of Labor

Waqf as Social Safety Net

Islamic Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Exploring Islamic Environmental Ethics for Fostering Sustainable Environment

Islam and Welfare State: A Reality Check

Where Do Muslim Countries Stand on Sustainable Development

Economic Potential of Zakat

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