Academic Journals on Islamic Economics

Journal of King Abdul Aziz University – Islamic Economics

International Journal of Islamic & Middle Eastern Finance & Management

Journal of Islamic Accounting & Business Research


Journal of Islamic Marketing

Islamic Economics Studies

Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking & Finance, Bangladesh

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

ISRA Journal, Malaysia

Journal of Islamic Finance

International Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance Studies

Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance

Journal of Islamic Business and Management

Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance (ISSN: 1814-8042)

Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance (ISSN: 2374-2666)

Journal of Philanthropy

European Journal of Islamic Finance

The Journal of Muamlat and Islamic Finance Research

Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance

Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics

Al-Iqtishad: Journal of Islamic Economics

Islam and Civilizational Renewal

Qudus International Journal of Islamic Studies

Tazkia Islamic Finance and Business Review

International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking & Finance

International Journal of Zakat

International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding

Journal of Islamic Economics, Money and Finance

Global Review of Islamic Economics and Business

Islamic Economics Journal

Journal of Islamic Economics Lariba

Shirkah: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business

Journal of Islamic Studies and Culture

Al Falah: Journal of Islamic Economics

Other Academic Resources

Islamic Research & Training Institute Publications

Durham Centre for Islamic Economics & Finance Publications

IIBI Introduction to Islamic Economics

Islamic Finance News – Zawya

Works of Researchers in Islamic Economics

List of Authors & Links to their Work on RePEC

Dr. Umer Chapra

Dr. Monzer Kahf

Dr. Nejatullah Siddiqui

Dr. Abbas Mirakhor

Dr. Fahim Khan

Dr. Asad Zaman

Dr. Mustafa Omar

Dr. Muhammad Aslam Muhammad Haneef

Dr. Arshad Zaman

Dr. Mehmet Asutay

Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq

Dr. Iraj Toutounchian

Selected Bibliography

History of Economic Thought in Islam

Contemporary Literature on Islamic Economics

Islamic Economics Bibliography

Islamic Banking Bibliography




Masters & PhD Programs in Islamic Finance & Economics

Durham Centre for Islamic Economics & Finance

IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking & Finance


Bangor University

London School of Business & Finance

University of East London

La Trobe University Australia

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

International Islamic University Islamabad

Riphah Center of Islamic Business


Economic Data for OIC

Economic Data – Countrywise

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