Academic Journals on Islamic Economics

Journal Name Indexing Details
International Journal of Islamic & Middle Eastern Finance & Management SSCI, Scopus, ABDC-B
Journal of Islamic Marketing ESCI, Scopus, ABDC-B
Journal of Islamic Accounting & Business Research Scopus, ABDC-C
International Journal of Ethics and Systems ESCI, Scopus, ABDC-C
Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics ESCI
Journal of King Abdul Aziz University – Islamic Economics Scopus
ISRA Journal, Malaysia Scopus, ABDC-C
Qudus International Journal of Islamic Studies Scopus
Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking & Finance Scopus, ABDC-C
Islamic Economics Studies ABDC-C
Journal of Islamic Finance Index Islamicus
International Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance Studies Index Copernicus, Index Islamicus
Al Falah: Journal of Islamic Economics Index Copernicus, DOAJ, Crossref
Al-Uqud Journal of Islamic Economics Index Copernicus, DOAJ, Crossref
Share: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Keuangan Islam Index Copernicus, DOAJ, Crossref
American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences ProQuest, Ebsco, Ulrich
Islamic Banking and Finance Review Econlit, Index Islamicus, Crossref
International Journal of Islamic Business Econlit
Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance (ISSN: 1814-8042) Ebsco, Ulrich, Index Islamicus
Bait Al- Mashura Journal Ebsco, Crossref
Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance (ISSN: 2374-2666) ProQuest, Ebsco, Ulrich
The Journal of Muamlat and Islamic Finance Research Index Islamicus, Crossref
European Journal of Islamic Finance Ebsco
COMSATS Journal of Islamic Finance (CJIF) Ulrich, Index Islamicus, Crossref
Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance DOAJ, Crossref
Al-Iqtishad: Journal of Islamic Economics DOAJ, Crossref
International Journal of Zakat DOAJ, Crossref
Shirkah: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business DOAJ, Crossref
Ihtifaz: Journal of Islamic Economics, Finance, and Banking DOAJ, Crossref
Tazkia Islamic Finance and Business Review DOAJ
IJIBE (International Journal of Islamic Business Ethics) DOAJ
Journal of Islamic Business and Management Crossref
Global Review of Islamic Economics and Business Crossref
Journal of Islamic Economics Lariba Crossref
International Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance (IJIEF) Crossref
Indonesian Journal of Islamic Economics Research Crossref
Journal of Islamic Accounting and Finance Research Crossref
Syi`ar Iqtishadi: Journal of Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking Crossref
International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding CAB Abstracts
Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance Asos Index
Airlangga International Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance PKP Index
International Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance Research DRJI
Journal of Islamic Finance Accountancy (JOIFA) Not Yet or Unconfirmed
Asian Journal of Islamic Management Not Yet or Unconfirmed
Journal of Islamic Economics Management and Business Not Yet or Unconfirmed
Islamic Economics Journal Not Yet or Unconfirmed
International Journal of Islamic Economics and Governance (IJIEG) Not Yet or Unconfirmed

Call for Papers 

International Conference on Islamic Finance 2021

Hammad Bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar

April 6 – 8, 2021


11th Foundation of Islamic Finance Conference (FIFC) 2021

Sunway University, Web Based

20 – 22 March, 2021


2nd International Graduate Student Symposium

Istanbul University Center for Islamic Economics and Finance

October 9-10, 2021


5th Islamic Finance, Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference

Inclusion, Sustainability and Ethics at a Time of Global Change

June 7, 2021 at Pearl-Continental Bhurban, Pakistan

Interview of Prominent Thinkers

Prof. Omar Farooq

Prof. Tariqullah Khan

Selected Bibliographies on Islamic Economics

Other Academic Resources

Islamic Research and Training Institute Free Online Courses

INCEIF Free Online Courses

CIMA Resources on Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance News – Zawya

Islamic Research & Training Institute Publications

Islamic Economics Books Catalogue

Durham Centre for Islamic Economics & Finance Publications

Edward Elgar Publications on Islamic Economics

Edingburgh University Press Books on Islamic Economics

Kube Publishing Books on Islamic Economics

IBA CEIF Library Catalogue



Works of Researchers in Islamic Economics

List of Authors & Links to their Work on RePEC

Some Notable Researchers in Islamic Economics

Prof. Dr. Umer Chapra

Prof. Dr. Nejatullah Siddiqi

Prof. Dr. Monzer Kahf

Prof. Dr. Khurshid Ahmad

Prof. Dr. Abbas Mirakhor

Prof. Dr. Zubair Hassan

Prof. Dr. Asad Zaman

Prof. Dr. Masudul Alam Choudhury

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Asutay

Prof. Dr. Kabir Hassan

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fahim Khan

Prof. Dr. Mabid Ali Al-Jarhi

Prof. Dr. Munawar Iqbal

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aslam Muhammad Haneef

Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Zamir Iqbal

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akram Khan

Prof. Dr. Abu Umar Farooq Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Sami Al Suwailem

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Omar Farooq

Prof. Dr. Shahid M Ebrahim

Prof. Dr. Salina Kassim

Prof. Dr. Tariqullah Khan

Prof. Dr. Akram Laldin

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Obaidullah

Prof. Dr. Hafas Furqani

Prof. Dr. Adam Abdullah

Prof. Dr. Seif el-Din Tag el-Din

Prof. Dr. Ausaf Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Mannan Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Abdelrahman Yousri Ahmad

Prof. Dr. Murat Cizaka

Prof. Dr. Hussein Elasrag

Prof. Dr. Shamim Ahmed Siddiqui


FREE ONLINE COURSES in Islamic Finance and Economics

Islamic Research and Training Institute


Degree Programs in Islamic Finance & Economics


King Abdul Aziz University

Umm ul Qura University

University of Bahrain

Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar

University of Wollongong in Dubai

Zayed University, UAE

Bayero University, Nigeria


Istanbul University

Istanbul Zaim University

Ankara Institute of Islamic Studies

Marmara University

Durham Centre for Islamic Economics & Finance

University of East London

Bangor University

University of Bolton

University of Dundee

Markfield Institute of Higher Education



IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking & Finance

University of Malaya

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

UUM Malaysia

USIM Malaysia

UITM Malaysia

Universiti Brunei Darussalam

La Trobe University Australia


International Islamic University Islamabad

IBA CEIF Karachi

University of Management and Technology


Shaikh Zayed Islamic Center, University of Karachi

Minhaj University Lahore

Bahria University

University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Socio-Economic Datasets

Economic Data

OIC Countries Economic Data

World Development Indicators

Penn World Tables

Human Development Data

World Income Inequality Database

World Bank Enterprise Surveys

Global Financial Inclusion Database


CIA Fact Book

Economist Intelligence Unit

Asian Development Bank

Nation Master

Trade Data


WTO Data

World Integrated Trade Solutions Data

Macroeconomic Data

IMF Data

Asian Development Bank Data

Miscellaneous IMF Datasets

Environment Data

UN Environment Data Explorer

World Resource Institute Data

Social Development and Values Data

World Values Survey Datasets

International Labor Organization Data

Food And Agriculture Organization Data

Transparency International Data

Financial Data

Global Financial Data

Bank for International Settlements

MIX Market Microfinance Data

S&P and Dow Jones Islamic Indices

Fitch Solutions

Glossary of Islamic Finance

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