Moral Reflections on Economics

Reflections on Shaikh Saadi’s Thoughts

Avoiding Judgement Based on Perception

Everyone is a unique person and hence may have unique strengths and weaknesses. If we have fixed predetermined criteria to judge people, we may upset, discard and lose the potential strengths of a person. It is better to avoid judgement and let every unique flower blossom at its own pace and way.

Time Does Not Wait or Turns Back

One likes to look at past differently when there is little future left in life during old age. In that age, mistakes of past become irreversible and irreconcilable and the future cannot be changed much when a person is nearing death. Therefore, for any change in life, the best period is now. Past is gone and the length of future opportunities is never known with certainty and it is almost negligible when one reaches old age.

Piety is also a Blessing, Not Privilege

Being boastful and proud is bad attitude no matter whether the thing on which one is boastful and proud is a virtue. Also, a righteous person thinks positively about everyone. Finally, being judgmental risks losing sight of introspection and then one can become blind to the ills in his personality.

Possession of Wealth is Temporary and Circulates Eventually

One cannot take wealth in his grave. Some people have wealth which is enough for their entire life, but still accumulate more. After death, it gets distributed anyways in one way or the other, but parting with wealth consciously in acts of giving can give people the currency of virtue, which is the only valid form of earning beneficial in life hereafter.

Contentment of Heart is Valuable Wealth

Trees which bear fruit also bear greater burden and transitional changes. The tree which does not bear fruit does not go through the burden and such transitions. A man free of abundance of resources is also free of the anxiety, problems, responsibility and fear. Mind-set makes a difference. Humans share many things the same way, such as sunlight, moonlight, weather and so on. There is much to thank for and there is blessing also in having less to avoid anxiety and fear.

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