Science and Religion

Image of Black Hole and What It Tells About Nature of Reality

Salman Ahmed Shaikh

For the first time, astronomers have captured an image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, known as Sagittarius A. Is it necessary to believe in something only after we are able to physically observe it? Scientists like Prof. Stephen Hawking have accepted the fact that black holes exist even though this kind of a physical observation is possible only now. We, as humans cannot see an object which is just a mile away. Science had shown the vastness of observable universe. It will take trillions of years to get to the end of observable universe and we may still not get there as it is expanding at a faster rate.

Hence, it looks ludicrous to think that the Creator of this ever expanding universe shall be physically observable by humans who cannot see object of their size a mile away. It cannot be rationally put forwards as a condition for accepting God’s existence. We, and the things manifested in the universe as an artefact of God are clear signs.

On the other hand, few days back, US Intelligence has shared declassified UFO videos. Loneliness greets us in space. Fermi’s Paradox in physics wonders ‘Where is everybody’. Why stars that were born long before our sun could not create any life. Our earth is not a separate corner in the universe; it has its composition of atoms coming from the same material that exists in the universe. Outside of earth, we have not found a liveable place where we could even just breathe naturally.

The verses of nature in universe also reflect truth on those who want to wonder why there is life at all and for what purpose. Scientific discoveries have added more substance to the verse ‘Which of God’s blessings will you forget’. Astrophysics has proved that there are too many features of blessings in various forms. Astrophysics has taken us near to the exact fraction of a second when God’s command brought the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago Big Bang can explain what happened afterward, but not what was before it, who was behind it and why did we come to exist in this world in the first place. We can force the question of purpose out of sight, but not out of significance and importance to a thinking mind.

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  1. Universe has been created by Allah(swt). At one time, Science did not believe in that. The Big Bang theory has proved that there was beginning of this universe. Science has documented various signs created by Allah(swt) unintentionally and inadvertently. Where these claims are supported by Qur’an, we may go along. Let Science verify observations with Qur’an.


    • Yes, modern science has not established anything as truth which is contradicted by Qur’an. In fact, established facts by science are all consistent with Qur’anic statements. Science helps in understanding reality and God’s creation. Scope of science shall be understood and it must not be made an arbiter in questions of morality, purpose and will behind reality.


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