God Speaks

Author:Abu Yahya
Publisher:Inzaar  Trust, 2016

The author mentioned in preface that once the main characters in the novel will be introduced and engage in a conversation, the main story of the novel will unfold quickly and readers will feel uneasy to leave the novel until having fully read it.

The plot is rich with neatly conceived personality of characters. It conveys subtle lessons concerning moral conduct through attitude, behaviors and conversations of characters.

If one were to mark remarkable pieces of dialogues with thought provoking choice of words, they are at many places in the novel.

The context and setting of the novel is contemporary and relatable. It keeps the reader interested. The story unfolds quickly but masks the eventual climax effectively.

The main lesson of the novel is to engage in conversation with God through reading Qur’an – the last word of God on earth – in a lively way. It invites reflection, introspection and then putting up a response to Qur’an’s message.

A faithful person must develop the ability to look at every event and challenge by holding back and thinking as to why he/she was put in that position. If Allah is the Creator and this life is a trial, then every blessing and hardship is an instrument of trial.

One may work hard to achieve a worldly goal and may not achieve it or achieve it, but quickly lose it. The blessings as well as hardships are temporary. Life is always a passing moment, which culminates in meeting God eventually. It is the final scorecard on moral excellence and purification that matters in front of God.

The novel highlights the desired attitude among the faithful, such as:

1) Remaining content with God’s plan.

2) In helping others, seek reward from Allah only.

3) While helping others from one’s time and money, be conscious of the fact that such an opportunity was only a pass through of God given resource to another God’s creature. We were the intermediary not the originator.

4) Be conscious of life hereafter and defensibility of every considered action in front of God.

5) Maintaining excellent moral conduct and professional ethics so that people in close circle take the advice and call towards God’s message seriously.

6) In calling towards God, patiently engage with audience in a way to invite them to think, reflect and introspect on their own circumstances.

7) Sometimes, when trial of hardship or limited choices becomes long, it may even become a comfort zone. When opportunity of ease comes through a person who is younger and who was personally favoured earlier, the trial of embracing opportunity also becomes hard or even harder. But if one remembers the source of hardship and blessing, one will neither fall in the trap of having a high opinion of oneself while being helpful to others nor lose ego and self-respect while being helped.

8) Desired moral awakening is having a morally conscious heart. Once heart is filled with Allah, even the excessive love of other seems to be a semblance of polytheism. From such a heart, Ibadat and Zikr naturally come out in a compelling, willful and lively way.

9) When concept of life hereafter is fully grasped, then worldly ending does not matter. People may get to live long or die early. Consequential morals derive a faithful person, but he/she keeps attention to the consequence of actions in longer term in Akhirat in perspective.

10) One should never discard himself nor others on having an opportunity to be blessed by Allah. The doors of guidance are open as long as one remains a keen searcher of truth.

It is a highly recommended read. It can be read in a single sitting. Plot is interesting and has an element of suspense to keep the reader committed. May Allah accept this effort by the Author and make it a source of people coming back to have a lively and engaging relationship with Qur’an and hence Allah directly.   

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