Moral Reflections on Economics

Spiritual Reflections from Rumi

Prepare to Meet the One, the Only One

We will return to the One, to the Only One. Every moment, we come close to death and to meet the One, the Only One. Good deeds, good character, good speech, honesty, truthfulness, right intentions, kindness and being good to others matters. No money or intelligence is required for this. But, we spend 20 years in academic institutions and spend 40 years in pursuing money through various professions and forget which currency is usable when we meet the One, the Only One in a life that will begin for never ending again.

Allah is Near to Everyone

Allah is aware of the movement and motives of tiny creatures like ant. So, it is not possible that Allah is not aware of human beings, their actions, their behaviors and the underlying motives. Allah is near to the ones who sincerely remember Him. If Allah is aware of all the creatures and their movements and actions, He can never be oblivious of humans who remember Him. Trials of this world prepare for the blessings in life hereafter. Patience and steadfastness in temporal world can open the door for eternal blessings in an endless life in heaven.

Ultimate Source of Things Happening is Allah

Rumi gives a message that primary, ultimate and first cause is Allah. Therefore, in seeking change in our circumstances, we must rest our faith in Him after making our efforts. Also, whatever we achieve, we must not forget that the physical faculties, innate ability and fortunate circumstances are all shaped by Allah and His will.

Everlasting Belongings and Achievements of Life

There are three companions of man, friends, wealth and good deeds. Wealth benefits in this life until we die. Friends benefit us until we are put in grave by them. But what can accompany us in grave and benefit us truly in afterlife are good deeds.

Passion to Achieve Can Overcome Hardships

Rumi writes that a droplet knowing direction to its destiny and having the resolve and passion can reach its destiny, which is mingling with the great reservoir of water. Identification of targets and aims is important. Having a sense of purpose and ambition is important to reach the destiny. From another perspective, the great vast ocean is great because of droplets which have mingled into it and having reached there. As much as the ocean is important, its droplets of water are also important to give it the stature and greatness it possesses.

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