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IPS, IEP Ink MoU to Bolster Research on Islamic Economics and Finance

Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on December 27, 2021 with Islamic Economics Project (IEP) – a research endeavor devoted to understanding Islamic teachings related to economics and their economic implications, currently carrying out research on Islamic economics and finance and the role of faith in markets and society in postmodern scientific age.

Signed by Dr. Salman Ahmed Shaikh, Director, IEP, and Naufil Shahrukh, GM operations, IPS, the MoU will facilitate both organizations to collaborate in holding and promoting joint online and on-ground events, details of which will be covered and reported on the websites of both organizations as well as in Moral Reflections on Economics – a monthly online publication of IEP.

The MoU also mentions that the two organizations will be jointly publishing reports and books on the subjects of mutual interests, whereas the IEP monthly periodical and website will also be publishing reviews of research papers published in IPS’s flagship journal Policy Perspectives, as well as the articles written by IPS fellows on relevant themes.

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