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Articles on Islamic Economics

Demystifying Economic Behavior: Islamic Perspective

History of economic man is fascinating. He has used the nature’s blessings to find and create new and innovative ways of maximizing utility. But, nonetheless, at all points in time, he does not feel satiated. He remains poor ‘relatively’ to the limitless desires and nature’s limitations. The dream of being ‘truly apart’ only remains a dream in everyone’s life. But, then, everyone achieves it one day. There is one place that everyone reaches where he is not accompanied by anyone. It’s his or her grave. Belief in life hereafter is the only thing that gives meaning to this world and life.

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Financing Higher Education Privately in an Interest Free Way

Higher education has become a necessity in current times with the increased competition in labor market and increased demands on keeping up with changing skills set. Nevertheless, the cost of obtaining higher education has also increased a lot in recent times. This article proposes an alternate way for financing higher education without the element of interest.

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