Distinctive Profit Rate Benchmark in Islamic Banking

As a substitute to T-bills, the governments can issue Treasury Sukuk Ijarah Bills to source funds. For profit benchmarking, data from trading operations can be used in which the government sets prices to reflect its target profit rate knowing the cost as well as the selling price. This target profit rate can become a benchmark for issuing Treasury Sukuk Ijarah Bills and affect the other rates of returns in Islamic short term financing instruments.

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Zakat Rate as Base Risk Free Rate in Post-LIBOR Era

A key maxim of Islamic jurisprudence suggests that in the matter of commercial transactions, everything is deemed permissible unless explicitly stated otherwise. As long as the transacting parties adhere to the principles of Islamic jurisprudence while applying the benchmark to their transaction, it is acceptable to utilize a consensus methodology. In place of risk free rate or base rate of expected return on investment, some thinkers in Islamic finance suggest the possible use of Zakat rate.

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